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Helenbergh Won “Influential Enterprise of 2021" for Building a Model of Steady Development

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From November 9 to 15, 2021, the “2021 (19th) China Enterprise Competitiveness Annual Conference Week”, hosted by China Business Journal and organized by China Business Future, was held as scheduled and attracted the attention of all walks of life. At the 2021 China City Operation and Development Summit on November 12, Helenbergh China Holdings Limited (short for Helenbergh) was honored as the “Influential Enterprise of 2021” and its comprehensive development strength was highly recognized.

Helenbergh was awarded the “Influential Enterprise of 2021”

According to the introduction, this year’s annual conference week brought together 8 brand forums, involved more than 200 leading enterprises online, invited more than 100 key domestic media, covering real estate, finance, automobile, banking, insurance, health care, TMT, energy, new consumption and other industry sectors, to discuss the road to high-quality development of China’s economy.

With more than 20 years of hard work, Helenbergh has developed into a conglomerate covering multiple fields such as residential development, commercial operation and creative technology industry.

Following the national development strategy, Helenbergh has adopted a precise investment strategy for its national layout. It’s dedicated to developing core areas and focusing on five key regions of Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, West China and Central China. As of June 30, 2021, Helenbergh has a presence in 52 cities in 16 provinces and municipalities directly under the central government, with a total of over 200 high-quality projects, providing high-quality products and services to over 600,000 customers. This year, Helenbergh has been expanding its high-quality land reserves in several hot cities at low cost, with a land reserve area of approximately 32.37 million square meters and a land reserve value of nearly 400 billion yuan, which can meet the long-term development needs of the enterprise.

In terms of product development, Helenbergh has created multi-styled and multi-level product IPs, in which, based on the original six classic residential product lines, Helenbergh has further precisely positioned its customer base and crafted new residential product lines: Xiyue Series, Jiuyue Series and Heyue Series, and injected the concept of health to build a new model of healthy living.

As for the commercial product line, Helenbergh has strategically built three commercial brand IPs: Hello World, Hello City and Hello Plaza, covering one-stop shopping centers, mid- to high-end commercial complexes and community shopping plazas, providing a wonderful commercial experience for the city. In addition, Helenbergh has also built creative technology park product IPs such as Guangzhou Helenbergh Creative Park and Helenbergh Wisdom Jinshan - Ecological Green Valley.

Rendering of Kunming Hello World

In terms of service management, Helenbergh upholds customer first thinking and provides quality full-cycle services to our customers. In the quality delivery system, Helenbergh has formed a “five-step” intelligent risk control system, including five key nodes: full policy meeting, construction plan review, exhibition area opening, site open day, and contract delivery, as well as the construction of the “6H Heart Life Service System”: Happy house viewing, Honesty contracting, Hope anticipation, Harvest effortless acceptance and Host joyful relocation, Home comfortable living. The service nodes cover the whole process of real estate development. In addition, Helenbergh has formed a “360-degree service model” featuring harmony, moderation, warmth, health, sunshine and meticulousness, continuously improving the service granularity and service level to create a multi-scene, diversified and detailed community life for all owners.

To achieve sound development, Helenbergh’s prudent financial strategy and healthy financial level are the key, laying a solid foundation for the company’s long-term development. Recently, Helenbergh paid in full the principal and interest of its USD 550 million senior unsecured bonds on time, so that the company’s foreign USD debt was fully repaid during the year, and no foreign debt needs to be repaid until March 2023. The solid financial position and good development momentum of the company have also earned Helenbergh a long-term positive view from international credit rating agencies.

All along, Helenbergh has been adhering to long-termism, taking prudent and steady steps forward, continuously improving its comprehensive development competitiveness in terms of operation, finance, products and services, establishing a good reputation, winning the favor of the market, gradually enhancing its industry influence, and continuously contributing its own strength to promote the high-quality development of the real estate industry.

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